jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2015

Album Review - 2016 - R.H.P

If you have been following   IJahdan Taurus since the  release of Repatriacion 2012, then it should not be a surprise to you to get that end of year 31.12 Free Album. 
This time it's A Roots and Dub collection of songs reflecting on the effects of a Natural disaster when it beats the people and creating potent ideas for reformation and how to make homage to the land. Especially Dominica, his homeland presently undergoing reconstruction after tropical storm Erika ....
The Idea of "When Disaster Strikes" developed right after the singles "Change The Situation (Ardor Riddim) prod. By Dj4Kat and "When Disaster Strikes" (Jah Fire Dub) prod. By shan a shan were released online. 
One is a song of comfort and ideas for those directly and indirectly affected by the storm. It also forms part of a compilation created as a fundraiser to help dominicans who suffered loss. The other. Is a Ball of Fire to burn out all ignorance before the situation.. A line says "it's when disaster strikes... people find it as a time to unite..but every other time.. they just Fuss and fight.." 
So... an analysis of those two songs and thier directory  created  the theme for the album "When Disaster Strikes". 
The other songs are some pre released and latest singles all related to the theme of the album. Tracks like "Eye Tryd", "Jah Iz My Glock", "Free Lion ft. Dan Tafari", Plant feat. Red Lion, Rooted & Grounded feat. Ras Xtr3me and the Big Tune "The Struggle feat. Perfect Giddimani"; speaking of the current situation of the Island after Disaster.. But it could expand worldwide and any Roots reggae lover can relate to the vibes. 
The Riddim production on this album belongs to Shan a Shan (France), DJ4KAT (Canada), Zion Lab(Brazil) and Sankofa Tafari on the Boycott Interlude. Drums of liberation on this one! 
IJahdan did all the vocal recording for this New Album in a simple home studio and mixing!. Except for tracks ( 
This Album is strictly for promotional use and free.. So Reggae fans and Publishers can repost material online. 
Just be sure to include artist info and booking contact.